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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


James Randolph Photography

About me

I am James of James Randolph Photography.
I am a Lancashire based Wedding  and  Special Events Photographer
Firstly Congratulations on your engagement, I hope you have had fun and been successful in your wedding planning so far.                                                 
I hope I can help you by providing a positive experience in planning a photographer for your special day.                                                    
 I am sure there will be lots of things going through your mind about how to choose the right wedding photographer for you.                                                                                    
I am sure you will want to dive right in and have a look around the site and see my style of photos and pricing.  Before you do  I would like to highlight a little about me and my style.          
Choosing a wedding photographer can be a difficult task, there are many to choose from.
I have  added some pointers for you to bear in mind when choosing your wedding photographer.                                                                                         
There are many different styles of photography.
As you will see from my gallery I have a particular style, sometimes described as documentary, reportage, candid.
I like to describe my style as being Real, real people, real moments, real emotions.  Whilst I may orchestrate a particular picture the emotions are real.
During your free personal consultation and pre-wedding shoot I will guide you through some simple posing techniques which will help you relax in front of the camera.
Wedding photography is not just  all about the images, what you should also consider is the actual photographer. 
I pride myself on making sure that I am not the highlight, I'm not intrusive  importantly I make sure you have fun and stay relaxed and enjoy the experience of your wedding as well as being photographed.
My aim is to produce photographic memories and keepsakes of your special day, and for you to wonder if  you saw me there.
During your free personal consultation you will have the opportunity to meet me and decide if I am right for you.
I have a simple and clean editing style, mainly colour and some monochrome finishing which add  elegance and a timeless look to your photos.  I don't use photoshop editing tricks like one colour selection or props in my photos.
My love and interest in photography came about in my early teens dare I say in the days of film and polaroids.  Being as expensive as it was back then I didn't take nearly as many images as I wanted to.  Nowadays anyone with a smart phone has a camera and the age of digital means endless images.
Into adulthood getting married and having a family I realised that I just had a handful of images of me growing up.  I was orphaned at an early age and I have no photos of me with my parents.  As with many parents today and the age of digital I took and still take lots of photos of my children and family.  In the back of my mind I am thinking how my children and their children will view the images in the future.  Something that I wasn't able to share with my children.
I rekindled my teenage interest in photography and went back to college to learn digital photography.
Since then I have never looked back and my passion for making photos has grown and grown.
My personal interest in sport led me to making portraits for junior sporting stars something I learnt from not having images of me growing up and something to be valued in future years.  I had great success with sports photography and I had parents enquiring about family shots and portraits and then couples asking for me to photograph their wedding.  Fast forward a few years and many weddings later I am now a professional wedding photographer.
My passion for making real and emotive images  comes from within and from my personal life experiences.  My style of photography captures moments that will be cherished forever and become priceless.  With all that in mind I want you to know that there is nothing more important to me than to take your pictures, tell your story and document your special day. 
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